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Simplifying Reaper FX folder administration

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RearrangeFX is now obsolete!

Took a while, but you can now reorder user folders directly inside the Plugin manager window in REAPER, which makes this tool obsolete. Yayy!!

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Version 1.0.3 (Nov 18, 04:00 GMT) [ OS X 32-bit | OS X 64-bit | Windows 32-bit | Windows 64-bit ]

What is RearrangeFX?

RearrangeFX is a bare-bones tool you can use to manage your "My Folders" in the Add FX dialog in REAPER. The main issue with the built-in tools being that they suck. No, seriously, I don't suppose everybody tinkers around with their FX folders two to three hours every day; the tools provided in REAPER are probably perfectly sufficient for most people. But I just SO had to be able to organize the folders using drag'n'drop that I ended up writing my own app for it.

Wait, whaaaaat...?

Yes! You understood right. The one and only reason I started writing this app is that I cannot change the order of my custom FX folders in REAPER via drag'n'drop.

So, whaaaaat....?

Download, unzip, run. If you have a really weird setup (ie. REAPER data directory doesn't sit at %appData%/REAPER), the app will start by showing you the Preferences pane.

The app has two main view modes: folder sorting and plugin assignment. Folder sorting just shows a list of all your FX folders and allows you to add new folders, rename or remove existing ones and - most importantly - sort them using drag & drop. The plugin assignment view shows a grid similar to REAPER's region / group matrix, allowing you to swiftly assign your plugins to all the folders you want them in.

Note that the app only works with the one .ini file which holds the custom FX folders structure. In other words, the app doesn't look for available plugins the way REAPER does; I haven't the faintest idea how would I go about doing that, and besides the result probably wouldn't work well enough to justify the amount of work I'd have to put in to even get close. As a result, you can only ever work with plugins that you already added to at least one user folder using the REAPER FX window. One easy way to work around this is that you can create a folder called "All plugins" and just drag all of your plugins into that folder within REAPER, then you can quit REAPER and do the rest of your adjustments using RearrangeFX.

More info

RearrangeFX is really just a placeholder app until such a time as the guys over at Cockos inc. implement drag'n'drop in the My Folders list, which probably won't take forever. This means that RearrangeFX won't be developed forever. It doesn't mean I won't be there to fix bugs, if and when anybody reports them. If you find a bug, you can send me an email, open an issue at Github or post in the RearrangeFX thread over at the REAPER Forum and I'll see what I can do.

If you'd like to get more behind-the-scenes info on RearrangeFX, head straight over to the app's GitHub repo home, there's a little more about the build process in the readme.